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313 Central Avenue, Laurel, MS

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to charge the battery on my golf cart?

Single Day rentals, NO. All our golf carts will be fully charged at the beginning of the day. The power within the batter should be enough for your daily travels.

Overnight rentals, YES. If you have booked an over night rental. A charger will be provided. We ask that once you arrive at your AirBnB that you plug the charger into a standard 110 outlet. Then plug the charger into the golf cart. (REMEMBER TO REMOVE THE KEY EVERYTIME YOU LEAVE THE CART)

Emergency contact phone number?

For all life threating emergency’s, call 911. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us anytime at 610-319-7803

What happens if the cart breaks down?

If something does happen to the cart. Place it in natural, push the cart out of the roadway to a safe area then call Puttin Around Laurel Rentals at 601-319-7803.

Can I extend my time?

Golf Carts may be extended upon availability. You must call: 601-319-7803 to request any extension. All extensions will be at the discretion of Puttin Around Laurel Rentals. No guaranties the cart will be available.

What time and where can I pick up my cart?

In downtown laurel: 313 Central Ave Laurel, MS

Golf Cart rental hours begin at 10am. You are free to pick up your cart anytime. Your day / over night rate starts at 10:00am regardless of the time you pick up the cart.

What time do I need to return my golf cart?

Before 7pm for daily rentals or 8am for overnight rentals. Please return your golf cart to the location you picked up the cart. 313 Central Ave Laurel, MS

Where can I drive the golf cart?

Golf carts may be operated on all City streets and roads where the posted speed limit does NOT exceed thirty (30) miles per hour.

Where can I NOT drive the golf cart?

Golf carts are subject to all applicable laws of the State of Mississippi and the City of Laurel related to traffic and parking state laws. Carts can NOT be operated on interstate highways.

Local establishments?

Visit or Download the app “VISIT LAUREL & JONES COUNTY” on your app store for up to date events, entertainment, and restaurants.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your card will be charge at the time of booking. A receipt will be sent via email to you.

How to drive the Golf Cart?

The key must be placed in the ignition and turn it all the way to the right. Where the floor and seat meet, rotate the handle to “D” for drive. Gently press the accelerator to disengage the parking break. Continue to press the accelerator to move forward. Breaking- remove your foot from the accelerator and press the “brake” pedal. Parking break- Firmly press the break pedal all the way down until it engages. REMOVE THE KEY ANYTIME YOU EXIT THE GOLF CART. Reverse- Locate and rotate the handle from “D” to “R” to engage the reverse.

Have questions?

Please contact us with any questions you may have.


(601) 319-7803